Monday, August 26, 2013

Unfinished (Yarn) Business

It's confession time. Yesterday I began a yarn project, an infinity scarf. The pattern looked so pretty and easy, and it was free! And I already had plenty of good yarn. So ... why not? (The pattern is at Lacy Crochet, here.)
I'm using a lovely yarn from Simply Soft. The color is Ocean. My camera is clearly unsure about capturing this color accurately! (And since this is our first day of school, most photos are taken atop my planning book.)
But the day before that, I also started a new scarf. Because ... a friend gave me this fun yarn, and I knew it would look great on those massive knitting needles.
It's called "Bling Bling." The color is Spotlight Sage.
This is a fun yarn, but a little hard to manage on the needles.
This pretty girl is at a standstill and has been for most of the summer. I love it, but I'm simply distracted by so many other summer goings-on, and other yarn projects. Can you tell?

I have lots of great yarn, sitting yet unused. Both of these ribbon yarns will become light-weight "jewelry" scarves, purely ornamental.
And Julia asked last week if I would make her an autumn scarf/shawl in a nice warm rust color. So I picked up this soft Vanna's Choice. The color is Brick. What pattern will I use? When will I begin? Will it be for this autumn ... or the next? Sigh.
But that's not all; no, no. Here's a nice big shawl that is about half finished in Simply Soft, Deep Country Blue. It's a simple crocheted alternating 5 DC block + 5 DC fan. Easy, lovely, unfinished.
That's an I or J hook, I believe. Very dark blue.
And after I made my mother this shawl last Christmas, I loved it so much that I bought the yarn to make an identical one for me. Didn't get very far before I was lured down yarnish by-ways and led astray.
Not to mention the Very Old Projects that haven't been touched in over a year. Don't look, Joan! This is the scarf I made when you gave me this yarn, because you'd made one (and finished it, of course). Sigh again.
Last but not least, the unfinished sock. I suppose I could wear them like this!! Haha! I do wonder if I'll ever get back to this project. I'm sure that now it is on the rock bottom of the priority list.
Thus, my confession of unfinishedness. Is there a better word for that? ADYD? Attention Deficit Yarn Disorder?


  1. I do much the same thing except I spread it among different crafts:) And, especially with crochet, sometimes when I get back to a project I have to relearn what I was doing. I don't feel TOO bad about it, though, because these are things I do for my own pleasure and are not to be used to induce guilt;)

  2. So silly! I am in the same boat. I always have something new to cast on without finishing the many odds and ends that are waiting.

  3. Right now, I'm knitting a lot of hats for the 5 children in the valley. When I'm finished those, I think I'll work on an unfinished project, a sweater, for me.
    Your projects look lovely and cozy, MK, hope you're able to finish them all in record time.

  4. That's as it should be, I say. All your projects look great and fun!


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