Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Trip to Bath

Adam and I are on a short anniversary celebration trip together to Bath, NC. Bath is a tiny village, one of the oldest in the state. It's not too far from our home, and we took a ferry -- a different ferry than our usual one -- to get there. This ferry crosses the Pamlico River.
And I'll add that our weather today was absolutely divine!! I can't exclaim enough about it! It was perfection -- cool (under 80ยบ), breezy, overcast, just lovely! It was back-to-school weather if I ever felt it.
One of the ferry's channel markers was nearly obscured by this massive bird's nest.
Bath is tranquil, neat, quiet. We quickly found the town's park on the lovely point that sits high above the creek. If creeks are usually so wide!
Adam took a quick nap in the car. I stole the time to paint a little. Very bad painting, but lovely relaxation, looking over the water. Then it started to sprinkle.
We headed to lunch at Blackbeards Slices and Ices. The pizza was pretty good.
Their outside deck. We sat in the dining room.
Half sausage, half onion:
Since it was still threatening a sprinkle, we headed to the visitors' center, got some local info, and strolled around the grounds. We found an old graveyard.
Lots of Bonners, lots of Marshes. We even found one Midyette (pronounced midget), which is an Oriental name. This poor fellow, after an illustrious and good life, died at the Battle of Antietam.
The Van De Veer House is a free tour -- it's the town museum.
Three guesses as to what this strange implement is for ~
One thing I noticed is that all the doorknobs in the house were tiny.
Another free visit and unguided tour is St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Built in 1734, it's the oldest church in the state, although I know of at least one other church that makes the same claim.

Adam, sporting his nice pink shirt. He can wear it now because he's lost thirty-one pounds on his diet! I'm so proud of him!
The inside of the church is very beautiful. I love the brick floor. It is still in weekly use; Adam swiped one of their bulletins from last Sunday. If we lived in Bath, I bet we'd attend here, because there's no Presbyterian church, and Adam says he just can't be a Methodist - hahaha!! :)
The balcony was bizarrely close to the ceiling. I can't imagine how people stood up there. Considering the church's age, was it for the black slaves? For children? I don't know.
Our B&B. Such a lovely place! I think we're the only guests here tonight.
The front yard is well-kept.
We sat on the front porch a bit.
After we checked in, we sat on the back veranda for a while. Adam read and I crocheted. The weather was so luscious to smell, to feel, that we could hardly go in. But I knew that THIS was waiting for me:
I love a big soaking tub, and rarely get one, so I'm making the most of this for the next couple of days!
Just had to share a photo of this pretty vanity in the bathroom. Should have taken a picture before I covered it with all my stuff.
I'll share more tomorrow.

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  1. Enjoy! While not having done a lot of traveling yet, I really think that bed and breakfasts are so fun!


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