Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dinner on the New Grill

Remember I said Adam would grill for supper tonight? On this new-to-us baby?
He opted for a small sirloin and some veg -- onions and peppers. The grill grating is nice and tight so the veggies don't fall through.
He mixed the veggies in a little oil.
The pups watched daddy through the back door.
And then Beau looked up at me. Oh my, the cuteness!
We had a bunch of corn tortillas so Adam made homemade chips. The flavor is so much better than any other ones.
And he made guacamole too ... the yummiest! Scrumdilicious!
Beau has discovered the joys of making himself a little taller by standing on my stool.
Adam read about our new grill and discovered it's more of an oven than an actual grill. In other words, it's hard to get things to really burn well on it. The veggies -- he added tomatoes.
The sirloin, cut in strips for fajitas.
My plate, minus the spinach, which I forgot at first.
Adam's fajita. Isn't it pretty? I think we'll enjoy this new machine :)


  1. So happy for you guys with the grill. And your plates, I might have told you before, were the ones I grew up on. Sweet memories of my dad using the coffee cups that match. I found a cup/saucer at Goodwill not too awfully long ago. :)

    Dinner looks YUM.

  2. Girl after my own heart who can get an old grill and it's new to you! "The world is so full of a number of things," said Robert L. Stevenson, "I'm sure we should be as happy as kings."

  3. Yum! We need to practice using our grill more for something other than hamburgers. The boys did fry onion rings on it for Mother's Day I think it was. I could eat fajita-y type food almost everyday. :)


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