Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Sunday Morn

And what have I to say to thee, O dog? Thou'rt naught but a fist of fur and a yip. Eat thy breakfast.
"Yes, Mama."
Yogurt is tart, berries are sweet, muffins are crusty.
Breakfast is good.
Who watches me in the morning hours? This lass with basket laden. She is a lassie creamer with a smile.
Spicy sticks in a jar are harbingers of the autumn coming, the cool spicy fall for which we daily long.
And what have I to say to thee, O tea?
Ah, tea, thou'rt a friend each morning. What loveliness surpasses thy lively swirls of cream?


  1. He is adorable! My Gran had such a dog; she called that breed a "pandemonium" which has always made me laugh.

  2. Sweet! Beau is a sweet little pup!
    I like your Ode to Breakfast very much!


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