Friday, August 16, 2013

Departing Bath

We've had the most unusual weather the past few days. Almost like I ordered perfect autumnal weather for our little get-away, and received it! This morning it felt like 64ยบ outside. Can you imagine? Normally August is unbearably hot and usually muggy with humidity. I recall moving to Iowa years ago in August and hearing profuse apologies from people there for the horrible humidity. We laughed! We felt no humidity there, compared to what we bear up under all summer in the Deep South.
The fish are cool too.

Today we leave Bath and return home. What a relaxing visit we've had! Here are some photos of the inside of The Inn on Bath Creek. It's a beautiful home, a perfect B&B, I think. We've been the only guests here this week and had the house to ourselves. The Great Room has a high vaulted ceiling and comfy couches. We liked the charts of the Outer Banks particularly.
 Lovely fireplace:
 The seating area:
 From the second floor hall you look out the windows to the back yard.
 Pretty stairwells. We stayed at the room at the top of the first flight. The second flight leads to their single, largest room on the 3rd floor.
 Second floor hallway. All the rooms open from here. A small sitting/reading room is at the end.
 A little reading nook in the hallway:
 I liked this decorative touch above the kitchen Dutch doors.
 They even have a big ship's wheel.
The inn has four rooms, three on the 2nd floor, and one on the top floor.
When evening falls they turn on lights on the back porch, which was our favorite haunt during our stay.
 Last night we returned to Fish Hooks Cafe for dinner. We split the flounder, which brought a small additional charge and two more sides. Then I ordered this appetizer, which might have been a mistake.
 Adam was a good boy and said, "Move that plate full of temptation far away from me!" Which I did, and proceeded to nibble away at it myself. Even I could not come close to finishing it though. A dish delish!
This was breakfast at the inn this morning -- yummy! I adore French toast. I promptly handed over the watermelon and cantaloupe to Adam. I didn't finish my sausage or my fruit bowl, but I devoured my toast. Nom nom nom, as they say online.
 I believe this is the best B&B food we've ever had.
 Now we're sitting back down at the creek on a nice rise where the old Bath AME Zion church used to stand. It's their churchyard (i.e., graveyard). What a view for the dead and grieving!
We may well come back to Bath. I don't know if we can often afford the lovely inn, as it's a pricey treat for us, but I hope we can stay there again sometime. Adam would like to sail here (and I'll drive the car), so we can do some sailing here next time we come. There's a small four-room motel in Bath also, which would be a cheaper option.


  1. Isn't it sweet of the Lord to give you comfortable weather so your rest can be complete? I'm feeling rested just following along on your getaway.

  2. Beautiful! I'm so glad you came away refreshed and inspired (I'm just guessing that you did!)
    I love the water and the charts of the Outer Banks.


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