Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Quartet of Things

My friend Melissa is venturing into bloggy creativity during August. She's posting little vignettes of four, or what she calls "a quartet of things." I thought I'd join her. So here's my first contribution.

1.  One Creative Thing
The Starry Night by Van Gogh
And here's a poem I jotted down, my impression of this painting.

Van Gogh

What is this curl of air,
And this flame of tree?
Whose moons and stars fill the blueblack sky –
All nature writhing with life under his brush
While the spire and the rooftops sleep,
And dream.
With fewer scales than ours
His eyes saw the armies on the hillsides,
And his brush said, “Look! See!”

2. One Thankful Thing

I'm grateful for my marriage and my precious husband. We aren't perfect, but we have a life-long love, and it's our first priority on this earth. We miss each other deeply when we're apart. I thank God for choosing us for each other.

3. One Praying Thing

When my children were young and at home, I didn't pray for them much. I was with them, always watching, so I felt some degree of control. Now ... I pray. I plead with God to keep them safe, pure, with hearts always aware of Him. I pray for Him to do whatever He must, to keep them close to Him. If they're His children, they will always be mine.

4. One Beautiful Thing

The Stone Table, Henri le Sidaner, 1919


  1. LOVE this post, MK! Beautiful poem, too!
    I am SO thankful that I can see and read beauty!

  2. Thanks for being part, my sweet. :) Love your list.

  3. Love this quartet! Your poem is wonderful I write, too. If you go to my "This Country Life" blog and scroll down to a little spiral notebook in the sidebar, you'll see that's a link to my writing (poetry, prose, memory, musings) blog. I hope you visit it!

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann -- that means a lot coming from another writer :) I'll definitely go spend some time reading you as well.


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