Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Shift in the Air

We woke this morning to a crisp 64º and light breeze -- a perfect day for a fall farmers market! The clouds couldn't quite decide what to do. We toyed with gray billows and hiding blue skies all morning.
Gloria hopped on a bike and rode down to see us at the market. Adam brought the pups. "Don't we all look alike?" he asked.
I don't know this lady or her dog, but I had to have a picture! She's wearing an adorable pink tutu -- the pup, not the lady.
Beau is desperate for me to hold him, and he paws the air until I give him a good hug. What a peach! He's trying to leap from Adam to me ~
The town was buzzing and the market was hopping; today was the Oriental Cup Regatta! They had a good crowd of boats in varying sizes for the races. I took this shot from Lou Mac Park. All those little white triangles against the far shore are sailboats, finishing their race.

Tonight was our church's monthly pot-luck supper, followed by a hymn sing, and we had a grand time.  We have a zippy and energetic church of precious people, and it's a joy and privilege for Adam and me to be part of them.


  1. Beau is a crack up! He's a loyal boy.
    Isn't it fun to think about fall doings? Prayers for prosperous market days ahead, MK!

  2. Fifty-one degrees and breezy here. Feels great!

  3. First observation, your husband is looking quite thin. :)

  4. Looks like a lovely time. That Beau is something else.


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