Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rare Sunsets and New Banners

Okay, so I took some nice sunset photos tonight. I thought, "New blog banners in the making!" It's always surprising which ones make good banners. I use Picmonkey to tweak my photos and turn them into banners. I crop the pictures there and overlay the text. It's so simple to use!
Without further ado, here's an original:
And here's the banner. (Of course, it will be larger across the top, and the text will be easier to read.)
And another:
And the banner. I like moving the text around like this. I hadn't done it before.
A third original:
And its banner.
What do you think? Which one do you like best? It is okay to change a blog banner as often as I do, or is it annoying to you readers?


  1. I think we need to change them often in order to share all of our beautiful photos! I love Picmonkey!

  2. I like the one you have at the top now. ~Don

  3. Not to be indecisive, but I do like them all. The bottom one pops with the pinky reds, and the middle one is just lovely. I say rotate 'em! All lovely shots. And I do like your font as well. :)

  4. Love them! I think change is always good and refreshing.

  5. I really do like them all...not just saying it. How do you know how big to make them? I've used picmonkey but when it comes to banners I've always used Picasa. I have wondered about PM...but size always throws me off.

  6. I like the 2nd banner best, although I like the third photo best. I really like the layout and colour of the words in the second banner. It's stunning. So full of light and dark, which fits your blog title. What about taking the 3rd photo and showing less water and more sky and arranging the words like in the second banner, with the quote on top and the title at the bottom?

  7. Lovely photos, all of them.
    I am a country person at heart so for me the second one down is specially lovely.
    Its such fun to have your best pics on your header!Very satisfying : )

  8. Many thanks, ladies! I'm glad nobody hates the constantly switching banners :) It's fun to see what everyone likes. I like them all. Adam really like the color in the 3rd one, but hates the bridge in the middle. Carolyn, I'll try your suggestion too.
    About picmonkey -- WW (I forget your name! Sorry!), I just eyeball the photo when I crop it, into a fairly long rectangle. As a banner, it's better when they're not too deep (i.e., from top to bottom) b/c they take up too much space. But on some photos, I can't bear to remove some of the beauty or color. I've never used picassa for banners.

  9. When the photos are as beautiful as yours...change them often! I need to mess around with Picmonkey, looks like fun.

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