Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Visiting the Thrift

Yesterday Adam and I drove to Bayboro to run errands. My precious husband -- he wanted to extend our "date time," so he asked if we could visit the local thrift store. I thought he needed new clothes. (He's lost about 40 lbs.) But no -- he just wanted to spend more time with me. (Insert romantic sigh here!) And he knew that "thrift shop?" was a good way to do it :) Here's what I found:
Adorable pepper grinder for 50¢
Now we won't be walking our one pepper grinder back and forth from the kitchen to the table.
I fell in love with these dishes. They're from Finland. This is a little double-handled bowl. I decided to keep soap shards in it. I sprinkle these into my bath water, or use several larger slices together in a soap pouch. Because it has a small chip on the lip, it was 25¢
And this dish too. It has a lid, as you see. I put it on my dresser and it holds some necklaces. It cost $1.
There was also a plate in this pattern and a tiny pitcher with no handle, but I didn't need them, and our space is very limited.
Adam found this large cookie cutter for 50¢. He says he and Julia need to practice their piping. They piped a cake last week for church, and he realized they need to work on that particular skill.
It's darling, and if they never get around to making and decorating the little houses, I'll hang it on the wall. Actually, if Anna comes home at Christmas, I think she may be all over this cake making and icing piping activity.
Do you have a favorite thrift store? Our store is run by the local hospice care center. What do you like to buy there? I'm not lured by clothing, but kitchenware is a temptation :)


  1. Thrift stores....I go with good intentions of finding additions to the kids' wardrobes. Then, I lose patience of flipping through the racks to try to find their sizes :) I usually see if there is any interesting yarn, buzz through the housewares to look for pottery mugs, and then keep an eye out for a pizza stone (mine cracked) or cooling racks (for soap of course!).

  2. It is a wondrous thing in my eyes that your husband would actually *suggest* going to a thrift store. Mine hates them! My favorite is almost 20 minutes away, called Pick of the Litter, because it's run by an animal rescue organization. I don't get there as often as I get to the hospice store that is only 5 minutes away. And I mostly buy clothes, and sometimes toys for the grandchildren...

  3. I've had this conversation with Angela, but I just do not think our charity shops are anywhere near as good as those in England or with you! My one prize find is my handbag- Orla Kiely, very prized here!

  4. I go to my favorite thrift store every Tuesday after my bible study. I found a few treasures today and I left one behind that I regret one minute and then not the next. I probably should let it go but I might run back tomorrow. If it is there it was meant to be, if not...


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