Thursday, September 26, 2013

When the Husband Is Tired of Cooking ...

This is what the wife cooks. Fast and yummy.
Normally I only use my 10" cast iron for pancakes, but this evening I wanted mini-pancakes, so I needed three. The pot on the back burner contains a new batch of chai.
Adam says food that you don't have to cook tastes so much better. I said that for years, and now he knows the truth of it too. He still loves cooking, but sometimes he needs a break. This week he's been cooking lunch for an elderly couple each day, so he's a bit 'cooked out'!
The chai -- I'm pleased with it, considering I was unable to add to my spice collection at all during our visit to a Super WalMart. I bought more whole cloves. I'm using powdered cardamom, the spice that makes all the difference in getting that yummy chai flavor. I use probably 2 parts milk to 1 part hot water. I steep the spices in the milk and the tea/sugar in the water, and combine.
It's definitely autumn-feeling now. Cool mornings, low humidity, low afternoon light, and stubbly fields. I bought two pots of mums today and a pumpkin. The pumpkins at WalMart were $9.98, and the ones at the grocery around the corner were $5.99! Never assume WalMart has the "lowest prices." It's just not true. Anywho, I'll show you them tomorrow.

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  1. I'll bet your chai is the yummiest, with all that milk! The pancakes are making me hungry right now - that's because it's time to cook dinner here...


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