Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandma's Here!

Adam's mother is here visiting for a few days, and we're having fun! Today we told her she must go on the ferry, so we loaded up the doggies and took off across the county to Minnesott. Once we were across the river, of course we had to do something. So we went to Beaufort!
We nabbed a very light lunch (in anticipation of a large dinner), but were distracted afterward by a fabulous fudge store called The Fudge Factory. When we arrived, one of the employees was working the fudge on a marble slab. She was building those biceps, pushing the fudge with a long metal paddle and turning it, over and over.
Gloria bought us some chocolate/pecan and some penuche, a delicious maple fudge. Wow! Adam declared it to be satiny smooth, with no trace of grainy sugar. So very good. We were planning to save it for dessert in the evening, but the chocolate/pecan never made it out of the car alive.
Adam and his mama went shopping for supper -- a "surf and turf" affair with some thick steaks and fresh local shrimp. A light salad with orange marmalade vinaigrette and small boiled white potatoes rounded out the plate. Like I said, we ate light the rest of the day so we could enjoy this meal, and enjoy it we did!
More fun will be had tomorrow -- so check back later.

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