Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pizza and Leisure Suits

Julia and I have been craving pizza for ages. So on Tuesday when we returned from sailing, we decided to eat at Silos Restaurant here in Oriental. They have excellent pizza, and Tuesdays are their Buy-One-Get-One-Free night!
That's the Greek pizza ... so good! I give Adam all my olives. I love the fresh tomatoes and spinach.
Our free pizza was a cheese, for Julia.
Silos is slowly expanding their musical decoration upstairs. (The restaurant building is actually two silver grain silos, pushed together.) They're adding old LP album covers to the walls and ceiling.
Cat Stevens and The Rolling Stones:
Ahhh ... Chicago.
There were no Joni Mitchell albums, I'm sorry to say, but there was one Fogelberg. And doesn't John Travolta look silly in his white leisure suit? He was so skinny.
Fun eating, and great food! And a little trip down memory lane.


  1. Oh, the pizza looks delicious! What a fun spot!

  2. I would give away all my olives, too.

  3. Oh, Dan Fogelberg. Saw him in concert. Wonderful. :)

  4. Fun place but boy oh boy is that a beautiful healthy looking pizza. Yum.


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