Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cool Enough to Ride

Oriental. A tiny village with enough beauty for a whole state. Finally I'm returning to my bike riding, now that the weather has cooled into fall. So I apologize ahead of time for all the local photos you'll see here of the same spots in town, over and over again.
Shrimp boats on the dock, ready to go out for the night.
The local monstrosity. On this spot was a nice ranch home. It was razed, and this mammoth is being erected on a mound. We're not even sure what all the outlying buildings are for. We've heard around town that the family lives in Colorado and won't be here much. More money than sense, clearly. I know this: before they've ever set foot in their new home they've offended their neighbors across the street whose lovely river views are now blocked.
Neighborliness is in short supply these days.
In contrast, a very old structure, the Oriental Yacht Club -- "OYC." Julia reminded us that when we first arrived in town, we thought perhaps this was an Asian restaurant because of the lettering. Seems silly now.
Oriental Harbor, which stretches to the bridge, behind which the sun sets each evening in glory.
Some grasses like the brackish water.
I tried to capture the sunset that night, but nothing cooperated. A concrete bridge is an ugly thing, and the closer the uglier. I kept this photo, however, because the boat in the foreground is a Cape Dory Typhoon just like ours. It's recently been repaired and spruced up and looks grand!
Enjoy these first days of fall, when the cool air is a long-lost friend and every evening feels like an awakening.

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