Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mother/Daughter Creativity

Here's the promised garland of autumn leaves. My evening photos are always too dark - sorry.
The large burgundy leaf in the center turned out well. I'm hoping someone at the market thinks, "Ooo! I want that in my kitchen!"

Julia finished this street scene in art class Wednesday. She likes studies in perspective and distance.
She says it's Italy ... thus, the dome. Note the woman in a long red dress walking along.
I like the little street-side cafe she added around the corner. Perhaps the fellow in blue jeans is waiting for the woman in the red dress?


  1. Sweet leaf garland! I love the art.

  2. Oh your garland is gorgeous! Mine went up yesterday, but I like yours netter! I liked the maple leaves best too x

  3. Julia is such a fine artist! I love her work!
    Your garland will be snatched up in no time! Cute!


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