Monday, September 9, 2013

Over the Weekend

At last! A weekend that had the faintest hint of autumn!
Friday evening, Adam and I went on a little date. We ate at Paula's, an Italian place, and I dashed into Michael's afterward.
While in Michael's a miracle occurred. I bought nothing.
Actually I was looking for some of that lovely, thin ribbon yarn like I found at Weaver's Web. Michael's had none at all. I was surprised.
Then on Saturday morning, I was at the farmers market as usual. I displayed the early offerings of my autumn yarn efforts.
There were pumpkins!
And a wooden barrow full of squashes!
Saturday evening, with just a wisp of coolness (see the sweater?) we took the doggies for what Adam calls a "promenade." We did the Oriental walk from Lou Mac Park down to the harbor and dinghy dock, and back.
Julia snatched some photos of us.
I'm embarrassed to say I'd never walked this route before! I've biked it a hundred times. I'd even dismounted my bike and taken photos. Adam and I stopped at the old Artesian well seats and stole a kiss like the young people from decades ago.
Beau is learning how to walk well and be a dog in our family. He's doing great.
The dinghy dock before sunset:
The bridge, looking west over the harbor marina:
This is our town's sheltered harbor. Some boats here have over-stayed their welcome. Oriental does not have an ordinance regarding length of stay in the anchorage, and we do not (yet) have control over the waters off our shore. Usually cruisers are considerate of each other -- it's the boating world, after all -- and they stay a few days, maybe a few weeks or a month if they have repairs, and move on, leaving anchorages for others to use. We have three boats in our anchorage that have been there nearly a year.
Our roses continue to bloom. This funny bush has no blossoms anywhere ... except a massive, single clump! Hmm. There's a sermon illustration somewhere in there.
I surprised Julia after she turned from sniffing a bloom. Usually she gets her hands over her face in time, but this time I was too quick for her!!
By the time we returned to Lou Mac Park, it was full sunset.
The thinnest lunar slice dangles over the trees in silhouette.
Sunday afternoon I rode my bike to the park and Adam walked the dogs there. This beautiful boat, the Mirabilia, is for sale at Deaton's.
Perfect sky! Perfect air! Perfect breeze! We sat in the Adirondack chairs in the park and relished the end of summer.
Poor Beau. When I passed Adam on my bike, and stopped and said hi, Beau whimpered and then cried like his heart would break, when I pedaled away. Adam said he had to carry him for a while because Beau was straining so hard on his leash he was choking, trying to follow me. Think he's adequately attached? (Awwwwww!!) When I passed them again a bit later, I put him in my bike basket and went the rest of the way like this:
And he did great! I knew I wanted him to be a basket dog, but I was afraid he'd try to jump out. So Adam and I have been training him slowly in the yard, to get him used to the basket. But we couldn't let him be heart-broken yesterday, so he started his basket riding then. And he was a Very Good Boy. Didn't even try to jump out. He'd turn his little face into the wind and close his eyes. And then he'd turn his face toward me and look at me lovingly, and smile. Yes, dogs do smile.
That was our weekend! Now it's back to the usual grind.


  1. What cute photos of you and Adam! I am thinking about roses, too!
    Beau in a basket = ADORABLE!
    Ha ha ha! A miracle occurred and you bought nothing at Michael's. That's funny!

  2. Monday is nearly over here, and the rest is not so bad! Good dog, indeed! You folk do Autumn so much better than us!

  3. You cracked me up with your miracle. I was just in Michaels and I bought magnets and metal cork backed rulers. And I talked to a little lady pushing her knitting classes. Beau in a basket is the cutest thing!!!!

  4. What a beautiful walk (or bike ride)! Gorgeous! And I love the picture of you and Adam at the Artesian Well;)
    I hope Beau enjoys many more bike rides. We have happy memories of my grandmother's dachshund riding happily in my sister's bicycle basket.


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