Friday, September 6, 2013

Fluff -n- Butter

Last night Adam, Julia, and I sat on the couch and watched more of The Great Australian Bake-Off. It's one of those silly cooking competition shows, but we enjoy it. Beau was so snoozy. I took these shots in the near-dark.
Julia snuggled him under a blankie. I gave him a thorough flea-combing and bath today, and then a good brushing.
It was utter torture and wore him out.
Anywho ... that baking show was useful because it lit a fire under Adam to go make croissants. He started his dough last night at 9:15. And he was up again at 4:00 AM to finish it off.
I woke very early to low rumbling sounds in the kitchen. The croissants turned out beautifully.
I did go back to sleep at some point, but was awakened by the aroma -- the whole house was infused with the aroma of buttery, delectable bread.
Adam brought me breakfast. I love eating on a tray in my bedroom. I'm so spoiled at this point that I actively dislike eating breakfast at the table. (((shame on me)))
But he likes spoiling me, and I like being spoiled, so who can complain? I think we've worked out a nice system. I return the spoilage at times too, just so y'all don't worry about the poor fellow.
Layers and layers of thin, crispy, buttery, light yumminess. They were perfect.
If you wonder how people on diets can eat croissants for breakfast, well ... Adam had one. And I had two. And Julia will have some. But the rest must be given away. It's not a matter of not eating lots of foods. That method leads only to deprivation, sadness, and diet-breaking. It's a matter of portion control and self-control. Adam will go out and find some willing eaters this morning. And I am slowly getting over the notion that if there's something fabulous in the house, I must eat all of it. Haha!!


  1. Wow! I wondered what my friend Jeanette on facebook was talking about! Now I'm off to send you a friend request, just so I can be tortured too with your bakery delights!

  2. Yummy! They are gorgeous. He's brilliant!

  3. It is fun to see how much you are enjoying your little doggie. And yummo your breakfast looks tasty. I'm ready for lunch now.


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