Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crocheting into Autumn

Well. Last Saturday at market I sold this silky, shimmery infinity scarf. I love selling yarn products. In a few minutes time, you hand over something your hands have created and you have $15 in hand instead.
Last week I crocheted lots of lovely blue/white washcloths for a lady. I thought she wanted washcloths. Turned out I misheard, and she wanted soap pouches. So this week I spent time making pouches instead. I have lots of washcloths available now!
You might notice I'm packaging my soaps differently. I found (at last!) the perfect size clear, simple bag, and simple white labels. The bags remain open so people may sniff the soap scents. I wanted each bar labeled and priced so customers wouldn't have to ask me to weigh them. Some market customers love to chat and finger and ask and interact. But many are like me -- introverts. They want little interaction sometimes. I appreciate that.
One lady loved a pair of smittens. They were too small for her, so I said I'd make a new pair to fit her, exactly like the ones she liked. I finished them yesterday. But the original pair that didn't fit -- I made them ages ago. They didn't sell. I put them away in the closet for the warm months. And now ... they still aren't sold! But they helped me sell a pair just like them instead. Isn't that crazy?
While meeting all these orders (and one for a bunch of scarves too, which will be lovely), I find myself longing to make fun, new things I've never made before. Time is limited and sometimes we must grab the minutes as they come flitting past.
One such fun crocheting I longed for was to make an garland of autumn leaves, rather like the ones at this site.  But you know me, Little Miss Scrimpy. I'm not gonna pay money for a leaf pattern! The photos are so close-up, I can see  the pattern. I also recalled a lovely fall leaf garland over at Mags's Hookery site from last year.  Mags (my Irish friend) was the one who first inspired me to want a fall garland. So, I've begun:
I like them! Hopefully I'll improve in my leaf-shape-making as I go along.
But, not bad for a start!
I'm burning a cookie candle, listening to the old Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, and crocheting fall leaves. And, it's gorgeous and 70┬║ outside! Ahhhh. Julia is at art class this morning, and all is right in my little world. Autumnal blessings to all out there. May God's lovingkindness come down upon you like these leaves.


  1. You have been a busy lady! Congrats on selling some of your lovely wares and I wish more success. I would love to visit a market in Maine and sniff your soaps and touch that wonderfully soft looking yarn. And buy a few things, too! :)

  2. So happy for you and your orders! I love your work, and those soap pouches are just perfect.

  3. So love the leaves. Had seen the Pin, so know how you did it (well, as best as I can since I'm a very novice-like crocheter!)

  4. Lovely pizza, lovely pictures, lovely posts- lovely prayer xx


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