Monday, June 30, 2008

And now for the photos...


All packed up and ready to go.


Woof Woof! Slobber.


I think I was on an animal theme.


  1. I like you animal theme! I collect turtles:)

  2. MK, I'm sitting on my back porch straight across from Toxaway and Big Pisgah Mountains listening to my feathered friends try to outpeep each other, the Bridges dogs down the way warning and guarding the community, the truck traffic on 64 (I think) and the landfill and every now and then a little pleading mew from Sarah Jane. Oh, also reading your blog and living it with your dear family. I miss your mom and dad though they've been gone only a day. Howard's at bagpipers camp for the week and I'm living on leftover tea victuals from the week end. I used some of Carolyn's recipes (can't fail). I found a pizza oven online somewhere - $2000. I'm sure Adam's is vastly superior. It's vastly more attractive...
    Love to all and blessings,
    Well, you DID say I could reply to your blog...

  3. Yes, Hunter! Please do! Especially when you're home alone.

  4. and p.s. who gave anna permission to grow into a young woman??


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