Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Boredom

Well, my friends, I'm in a rut. There's nothing exciting happening over here. And next week, when the drudgerous routine of school begins, it will be like that ad infinitum. Yes, that's a morbid way to look at it.

So, what DID happen today? VBS. I think I've determined that, next year, when whoever-the-poor-director-is asks me to do music in VBS, I'm going to look her in the eye, and say, "No, I will be out of town." And when she says they haven't even set the dates yet, I'll reply, "Well, whenever you have it, I'll be out of town." And I'll plan a trip to my parents' house that week.

I REALLY don't like trying to teach music to 2 year olds. Some of them aren't even out of diapers yet! Some of them are barely talking!! How are they supposed to SING?

And I went to the school to make some copies.

Probably the nicest thing I've done thus far today was to drive around town for about 30 minutes with my handsome, young, energetic 17 year old son. I tell ya, just when you get them nearly perfect, they go off to college and learn all kinds of horrible habits from a roommate YOU didn't even get to help pick out.

Speaking of which, guess who hasn't done his dishes yet? Like I said, "nearly perfect."

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  1. I had 2 & 3 year olds for VBS one summer - they only have an attention span 1 or 2 minutes - if that! I agree with you totally! Ha! T But seriously I think a week at your mom's would be perfect!

    Just try to enjoy your time. Prop your feet up and soak in the pool a couple of more times.. :)

    you make me laugh about the roommate thing, it's so cool that you enjoy your boy - most people are just not happy with 'teenagers' .


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