Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I forgot...

my camera at school again! It's sitting in my mail slot in the teacher workroom. I just don't go over there very often, and today the copier was broken, so I REALLY didn't spend much time in there.

Adam has middle school orientation this evening, so it was my job to take Philip to his trumpet lesson. But his teacher called while we were at the dinner table, and asked if he could skip the lesson tonight; he's very busy. Okay with me, because that gave me a nice evening at home, in comfy clothes, on the sofa, with a small bowl of popcorn and a friendly book. For my nearly-no-brain-cells-needed reading right now, I'm enjoying "Over the Gate" by Miss Read. I read a double pile of her books a number of years ago, and reading one again is as comfy as the old shirt I'm wearing.

And I'm wearing soft, long pants, and a very soft,old,long-sleeved shirt, and fuzzy socks, because we all know that that will help fall to arrive earlier.

On the other hand, I did dip back into the pool this afternoon. It was very cold.

And as I was enjoying my popcorn and my book and my couch, my darling 9 yo asked me, "Mom, could you read a chapter from your story to us tonight?" Too often when she asks that, I put her off with my tiredness, or other things I have to do. But tonight I read to her. And Peter, who was trying to pretend that he's really too old to listen to his mother read a book.

It's getting exciting in this chapter. Cecil, Connie and Carla are about to go rescue the poor children who are held captive in the horrible workhouse. Don't you wish you could know more???


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