Friday, August 22, 2008

I was a good mommy

...and went to Peter's track meet today. And Adam's track meet too, since he's the coach. They had about 90 runners, and it was held at our school. Now, I really don't understand the deep mental functionings of a cross-country runner's mind. Those are waters into which I do not dive. It's a sport where your competitor is yourself; you're running against your own best time.

The track was 3.2 miles. Peter was hoping for somewhere between 22 and 24 minutes. So when he wasn't in by 25 minutes, we thought, "He's gonna be grumpy at himself!" He came in under 26 minutes. But, bless his heart, he threw up in the middle of his run! That's what cost him a little time. Better luck next time, Pete!

While the runners were running around in the woods, conversing with the trees, I decided I'd go watch our soccer match for a few minutes. The nearest spot was actually our players' bench. It was in the sun :( but it was a seat :) Then I asked the coach (who's young enough to be my son) if it was okay for me to sit there for a few minutes while waiting for the runners to return. He said, actually, he'd prefer it if I didn't, although he hated to be rude. So, ejected from the bench, I sought out some lonely shade. And then, do you know what happened? A flock of cute, giggling high school girls came to sit with me. I must say, some of these girls absolutely adore me, and I have no idea why. I've taught them English for 2 years already, and they have 3 years of me to go. I scared them to death the first year. But now ... they love me! Go figure.

Must dash. I'm probably defrosting the chicken to DEATH.

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