Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Light Fantastic Toe!

On Sunday, I played my church prelude on the organ for the first time! I've played the piano since I was about 9 years old, but never the organ. The 3 little workshops this past summer set me on the right path, and I've been practicing at church once a week ever since. I played a fairly simple piece, with minimal pedaling, and our organ only has 2 manuals. Still, it's a start! And best of all, instead of feeling scared as I anticipated it, I was excited! I can't tell you what a change this is for me, and so refreshing. I find the organ more creative to play, with so many variations of possible sounds. One little finger on one little key, and a complex sound comes forth!

Today was not such a great day at school - rather discouraging, in fact. Sometimes, as a teacher, one has to listen to a dissatisfied parent. Even if the child is unmotivated, and doesn't work, and has no desire to improve, still the parent is alarmed that the child doesn't test as well as the parent would prefer. And the closer the child is to college, the more alarmed parents become. It is sad, because really the child creates his own education. The teacher is rather like the cook, who prepares the education and places it on the table, and instructs in eating techniques. But the child must desire it, and consume it, and assimilate it. There's such a difference between the curious student, who is academically awake, and the one who is academically sleeping. Why do they want to go to college?

So I'm a little deflated after one of those conversations. I know I'm doing a good job, but somehow I'm always left feeling inadequate.


  1. MK,

    I can't tell you how much I agree with your statement about children and education. And your blog is beautiful. I'm so new to this and just stumbling along. I hope it's ok that I stopped by to say hello.

  2. Remember Mr. Wyeman (spelling) at First Pres, Jackson? I could listen to him play the organ all day! I look forward to hearing you play one day!

    Be encouraged on the teaching front - I too was once a sleeping student.

    Much love!

  3. MK,

    I play the piano, too. I have been the pianist at several churches, mostly ones my dh pastored. At one church, they had a pianist, but not an organist, so I said I would try. I found it fun. I was never what you would call, "good," but I could do a chord progression with my feet eventually.

    I enjoyed reading about your oven.


  4. ARe you feeling better today? It must be frustrating when a child doesn' gobble down his lessons and come back for seconds1 I like your way of thinking!


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