Friday, August 22, 2008

Those anonymous posters!!!

Well! As one of my visitors here noted, perhaps it IS a good thing I left Mitford!

No, seriously, I will say that many of the ladies (and there were a few gentlemen there also) were fine folk, and I enjoyed conversing with them. I hope they will realize that even when I describes some as hens, I wasn't saying they were ALL hens.

And BTW, I do want to say that I'm not criticizing all the ladies who were in favor of moving the political threads to another location. As ever, they're entitled to their opinions, and most were willing to try that, and wanted to support the moderator.

What bothered me most were the ones who insisted that the political threads dominated and out-numbered the other threads. Or those who complained about them heatedly, but continued to view and post on those political threads. I found that disingenuous.

You know what's funny about anonymous posts? You get to see what people will say, when they don't want anybody to know they're saying it! Ha! I thought about removing the nasty comments people have left here, but I think I will leave them, because they truly prove my point. They don't bother me, but they sure give us something to laugh about in our living room.

I think I'll ride my broom to WalMart tonight, whadya think? Oops - no, I wouldn't have room for the groceries, and I can't really balance 4 gallons of milk on back of my broom....

It's sad, really, that those members are so attached to that site that they are vicious toward anyone who even decides to leave. I don't think I want to become that attached to a website.

Gotta dash. Enjoy reading those zippy anonymous messages!


  1. Sooooo.....

    I just drooled on my keyboard looking at that bowl of tomatoes a couple of posts down!

  2. Bravo. I will say - I hope I'm not in the old hen group. I can't say I have never felt the same things you do about the bb. I personally will miss your posts but hope visiting the blog is still ok. Take care & you go & fly high on your (laughing w/you. not trying to be mean)

    Jamie Y.

  3. I am so sorry that you have been in the "hot" seat, and have suffered from the malicious comments. I want you to know that I have always respected you for the courage to voice your convictions with boldness and confidence. I believe we have most often had similar thoughts, but I have had several of my own backlashings and have stepped away from the bb several times to lick my own wounds. I am glad to have found your blog and I hope to pop over and hope you will visit mine. I can tell you that if you are like me you may very well be drawn back in Mitford soon and I will say they have always been very welcoming to me upon my returns. My prayers are with you. Look for a silver lining here, for surely there is a really worthwhile lesson here- there always is, you know! Blessings! Carolyn
    For some reason it will not accept my password so I will go anonymous, but my blog is

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  5. whatever happened to "do not think more highly of yourself than you ought," and "be kindly affectionate to one another, in honor giving preference to one another"? (not speaking of you but of some posters out there in cyber-space that seem to have A LOT of time on their hands...

  6. Wow. Just wow. I've been keeping to myself lately, and just caught myself up on all the drama.

    I totally understand your leaving the Karon bb, but you will be missed. I'll continue to check things out here, though, especially that phenomenal wood-oven ... definitely want one of those.

    I know you'll keep your chin up, but just wanted to say I enjoyed your perspective over there, and will miss your posts.


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