Friday, August 22, 2008

My last word...

Since a number of Mitford friends have dropped in here, I just wanted to say, welcome to my blog - if you enjoy it, please do feel free to visit often and say hello. Amazingly, I generally don't post political or controversial matters here. I wonder why not. I don't really know. This is mostly about what we eat and do at home, which ain't much :)

Pat (Duke Fan), if you read this, I understand that you stick by how you feel. That's fine. I appreciate your recommendation, but truly, a person's blog is her individual space. This is MY place to talk (and happily receive feedback). When I posted my first word here about my frustrations at Mitford, I did NOT intend for it to get back there. I really didn't think about one way or the other. I was expressing my feelings, on my blog. This place is mostly for my family (who live far away) and friends to read. After I posted it, I thought it was unlikely that anyone at Mitford would sort through those old threads from weeks ago and dig up my blog address. If they cared to, that was fine. I'm not ashamed of my thoughts or my words here.

I don't use profanity. I don't rant and rave. I don't use coarse language. Noting that a group of people are repeatedly giving unwarranted complaints, in order to manipulate a situation to their preference, is certainly my prerogative, especially if I can back it up. The fact that I pointed out the weakness of their complaint is what made some of them mad, I suppose.

I wasn't at Mitford for long. Very few of the ladies there have distinct identities to me; there are so many of them, with real and other names, and not knowing them well makes me mix them all up. I don't recall particular posts or people who "offended" me. That's not the point. It was the weakness and selfishness of their argument, and its lack of logic, that bothered me. If a site is going to be run by people who made illogical arguments, I don't want to be there.

That website is about 97% conservative. Yet, I've never known a bunch of conservatives so intent on not letting even one little liberal voice have an inch. And I'm a conservative myself! But so many complained about being overcome by liberalism. I did not find that to be true there. The conservative voice was loud, strong, and occasionally strident. I wonder whether poor Marian from the Netherlands will ever post again!

I've given about as much space as I care to, to this issue, on my blog. I will not allow the mean-spiritedness at Mitford to carry over here. So, this is all that will be said about it.

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  1. Hi MK! This is "poor Marian" :D
    I will continue to post, but not as often as I have. I will not post as many pics anymore etc. I just am sad all this had to happen. Sorry about the nasty comments and glad I did NOT do that!!
    I will NEVER leave a nasty comment, let alone an anonymous one!
    I will continue to read your blog and invite you to read mine too, IF and when you are interested.

    Hugs from Marian


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