Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Goes Up

Must Come Down.

Adam and I both heard a loud crash last night about 11:00. I got out of bed; he came in from the patio. We thought it was downstairs but he didn't find anything amiss.

Julia showed me the mess this morning in the living room. Two shelves of books came tumbling down. It is very distressing to see a book in pain!

Also coming down today, is our pool. The menfolk turned it upside down over some lawn furniture, and it is drying out.

Philip and Peter then started work on putting the patio stones back in their places for the winter. It was hot, sticky work, with lots of bees down by the apple trees.
Lookin' good.

I'm off tomorrow to my parents' house, so I'll see you again on Tuesday!


  1. Have fun at your parents house! those poor books might need a few band aids!

  2. MK,
    We have a sewing machine like yours. It belonged to my DH's grandmother. Was yours passed down from a family member?

  3. MK,
    If you'll send me your e-mail address, I'll get an invitation out to to you for my REAL blog. :)
    That cookbook thingy is just something I'm thinking about doing.
    Now I better get hopping or I'll be late for church. : )
    Have a great Sunday!!

  4. What a scary way to wake up in the night!

    Sorry about the pool going away but the patio will be beautiful when it's done.

    Be sure to tell your parents hello for me!

  5. Hey, your kids are all big now.
    nick dibernardo


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