Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's all in a name

We're all waiting for Mark and Faith's baby to be born. Now, the baby himself (or herself?) is a very important thing.

But in our family, with this bunch of kids, what we REALLY want to know is,


Here are Mark & Faith's children's names thus far:
Patience Autumn
Justice Pierce
Honor Gray
Mercy Sky
Courage Winter

They choose virtue names, which are very nice, and I personally like their middle names too. I've told the children that their parents are writing a poem with their middle names:

"Autumn pierces the gray sky in winter..."

Or something like that.

So, what virtue name will they choose this time?

And how will the poem continue?

[Julia says Truth is a nice name. My personal favorite virtue name is Increase.]


  1. MJ,
    I have to admit I have gotten where I read Mark's blog everyday. Trying to figure him out, I think.

    But I have also been thinking about names for the baby. I wondered if he would go with Peace as a name. I doubt he would chose Love but you never know. I haven't thought of Truth, that would fit. Increase - I would think Faith would say, yes, increase but let it stop.

    Praying for you and family as you start school. I will miss your daily postings and know that you won't be in Mitford as much when school starts. Keep posting when you can.


  2. Those are very interesting names. I will check back to see what the winner is.


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