Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feeling slightly deflated...

a few hours ago. And by now, the pool is close to empty. I realized recently how few things in my life are actually RELAXING. Relaxing, in that while I'm doing them, that little inner spring in my chest unwinds a little,and I feel lovely calm. Only a handful of things have that effect (unfortunately), and lounging in the pool, gazing up at the trees, is one of them. No more, until next May!

Adam is firing up his oven today to bake! He is making 3 loaves of bread, and pizza for supper. The bread, shown here, will be 2 loaves of rye (his favorite) and one country loaf.

Adam needs a new door for his oven, a more substantial one. Here is the huge log that a friend gave him. He'll get a saw mill to cut out a thick slab from the middle, and he'll have a solid door this time. Julia reads constantly.

Can you see the fire in the oven? It takes hours to heat up - it's an all day anticipation! See how flat the pool was?

Our ivy is growing like gang-busters right now. If we went away for the weekend, I think it would bar our way from the carport.

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  1. i would just about give my eye-teeth to live next door to you!!! (if i weren't missing 3 molors and needed my eye teeth for chewing, it'd be a slam-dunk!)


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