Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speaking of fire... that my pool is empty (boo-hoo) I turned my mind to what else might produce the same relaxation. Hmm, what is my winter equivalent? And immediately came to mind: A FIRE! Specifically, a nice fire in the fireplace, in a dimly lit living room with music lulling me into drowsiness. Carolyn's comment about fires reinforced this. How many of us have gazed dreamily into a fire at some point, imagining magical things? Fire and water. Two rudimentary elements that have such a drawing force on the human soul.

And yes, Jenny, this bread is yum-yum-good! I'm eating my first slice as we speak. I warmed it slightly in the toaster, slathered it with butter. It has a nice tight crumb, so it doesn't fall apart on you or drop little pieces down your shirt. Adam put lots of honey in it, so it will last several days without going bad.

He just can't face all that fire again today, though, so he'll bake the country loaf in our barely-alive kitchen oven, and take it to school tomorrow for the teachers to devour. If you want food to disappear, one good place is the teacher workroom of your local school!

(Carolyn/Schotzy - I don't know how close you live to us, but if you & Lynn want to come down some Saturday this fall and see the oven in operation, you're more than welcome!)

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