Thursday, August 14, 2008

When the apples are falling...

I know it's time to make applesauce! The weather is cool, and very unlike August. I enjoy making applesauce - it's so easy - watch!

These are pretty rough, backyard apples. But aren't they pretty?

Cut them in quarters. If you want, cut out the core for a cleaner end-product. No need to peel them or get too picky about cleaning them. After all, you're going to boil them, and get rid of everything objectionable.

Here is the applesauce-maker's secret weapon: a food mill. When the apples are cooked till their insides are mush, just plop them into the food mill, and grind away. If you wait until it's a little cooler, you won't burn yourself, as I did :(

You really have to keep churning that food mill until all the pulp is strained through. Only the skins should be left. You can rotate the blade backwards to clean off the sieve. (The stuff in the spoon is the finished applesauce.)

Yummy finished product - just add as much sugar as you like, and it's perfect. Natural. No sprays or preservatives.


  1. Mmmm.... you are so impressive MK!

    Looks yummy.

  2. this looks damned delishous! read your flossing story on marie's blog, had to come and visit, will be back.


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