Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

These flowers are from 3 different events: our 19th wedding anniversary, and 2 separate doctor visits, for which Adam brought me flowers to cheer me up :) I took all the "living" flowers today, and put them together. I have a VERY sweet husband; he loves to bring me flowers.

And today is an especially happy day for another reason. 20 years ago today (it was a Monday, BTW) Adam and I went on our first date. It was 8/8/88. Now it's 8/8/08.

So, you want to hear about our first date, you say? Alright!

I had just returned the previous day from a 2 week mission trip Poland, and had mountains of dirty laundry to do. I hadn't seen Adam for a couple of months; he was just a guy who sat next to me in an English class, in graduate school. But he read about the trip in the newspaper, saw my name, and decided to find me. He dropped by the office where I worked, and we chatted. Then he told me he had come by for a reason; he wanted to ask me out. I said, "Sure. Go ahead." I was rather a brutal date, by the time I was 26 :) He was waiting tables, and could only go out that night, or wait a whole week. Well, I told him, I had to do laundry. I was going to my parents' house, who were out of town, and doing laundry all evening. If he wanted to tag along, and make me supper, that was fine with me.

I remember we had to talk in the laundry room, because my mom's washer was one of those with legs of its own, if one didn't sit upon it.

And neither of us ever went out with anybody else, after that evening. 20 years of dating, and I must say, I still get excited when I think of going out with him for an evening!

To celebrate, I think tomorrow we will drive to some nearby mountain town for the day. I'll let you know! And TRY to remember to take my camera.


  1. This is sooo romantic! I just ate up this tale:) You were hilarious!


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