Thursday, August 28, 2008


I tried to get a cute picture of the cowboy on the Wyoming license plate. Couldn't get it to load on here.(Tried again with Philip's help. Still no go.)

Adam had 2 rather amazing odd and unexpected events today. Let me tell you about them...

He was talking to one of his middle-schoolers today. The girl told Adam that her family moved here from Wyoming. Adam, of course, gave her his usual line that he gives to folks he meets from Wyoming. "Hey! Y'know that cowboy on the Wyoming license plate? Guess you don't know his name! His name is Phil..."

"Potter!" the girl interjects.

"How'd you know that?" Adam asks. Nobody ever knows the name of the Wyoming license plate cowboy. Phil Potter is Adam's great-uncle, and quite a character, evidently.

The girl then replied, "Phil Potter is my great-great-grandfather." (Maybe it was just one great? We're not sure at this point.)

So, Adam is teaching one of his cousins. This girl's older sister was a student of mine last year too. Rather exciting!

But that's not all. Another serendipitous event occurred as well. Adam was talking to another girl in the same class. He asked what she was doing over her long weekend.

"Visiting my grandpa," she said.

Come to find out, her grandpa is the clerk of session in a church in West Virginia which recently approached Adam about becoming their pastor. This girl's aunt wrote to Adam with the inquiry.

So, you just never know if that person you're being rude to in the check-out at WalMart might be a relative. Watch out!


  1. MK,
    So a move is possibly in the works?


  2. MK, that is soooo wild!!!
    I met a woman on a message board, (not a genealogy board either) where we started talking about family history, and after much discussion, one thing led to another, and we discovered that she and my DH are 4th cousins.
    Yep, you might be talking to your 3rd cousin, once removed, at your local WalMart. LOL


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