Tuesday, September 30, 2008

700 billion dollars

If the government really has that much of our tax money to give away, why don't they give it to the Americans who are losing their homes because of these bad mortgages? I'd rather they have it, and pay off their mortgages. Then the mortgage companies would have their money back, and they wouldn't have to fail. Crisis over. AND the people get to keep their houses, which is always handy.

Instead, the Treasury wanted to go ahead and let those folks lose their houses, and give the money over to the companies who are foreclosing on those houses. You know, the ones who GOT the houses, when the people were kicked out of them. I know the houses were overvalued, but hey, why should those companies, and the companies behind them, get BOTH the collateral and the cash?


  1. you should run for president. common sense; that's what we need in washington! who was the guy running around rome looking for an honest man? maybe he could find a sensible man while he's at it...

  2. It just show's what always buying on credit will do for you. Also the American culture alway's wanting it right now mentality and looking for the quick buck. Are starting to bite us now.

  3. Hmmmm... I'm just going to comment that your postcard is on it's way:)


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