Thursday, September 11, 2008

What they did today:

I've always required my students to memorize. It's an uphill battle, and nobody likes it. The parents really hate it, and they fight me on it, but I've remained stalwart.

They used to memorize definitions for vocabulary words for the SAT. Bleck.

Then I moved up to making them memorize literary terms and their definitions. Ick.

Then we moved on to . . . poetry.

So, here's what all my seniors recited today.

That's 34 lines of Shakespeare.

And my 11th graders? They spent today learning how to make a PERFECT Works Cited Page, in MLA format, including how to do an online entry. No easy task. We go through this torturous exercise each semester. Because NONE OF US remembers how it's done :)


  1. I remember those days, having you make us memorize at Cono. Sorry I don't remember any of it. Except you getting frustrated at us for not doing well. Keep them in the books and off the playstation.

  2. Good for you teaching them how to make a perfect MLA works cited page. Do you know that I went off to college without that bit of knowledge and had to figure it out all on my own? Thank you for teaching it to your students ahead of time!


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