Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Lesson on Work

Here I am, at my desk in my classroom. I work, basically, 7:20-3:15, M-F. Not too bad.

But, unfortunately, discontentment often rears its ugly head with me, and I grumble in myself about going to work. I dont' like getting up early. I don't like being away from home.

Having a nice, aromatic candle in the classroom is helpful. Makes it smell homey. Makes some of my students hungry too, when the scent is "Christmas Cookie."

I'm trying to comfort myself too with a "hotpot." Remember these from college days? This way, I can make hot tea for myself in the winter time, right in my classroom.

A cup given by a former student, a tea bag of Constant Comment. No styrofome or plastic for me; that would ruin the effect.

Our pastor has preached for 2 weeks on our theology of work, and I feel duly reprimanded. I DO view teaching as God's calling on my life. I should not allow myself to be disgruntled with it. It should be a joy, and often is. Only selfishness makes me want to sit on the couch at home, relaxing instead of working. Besides, we need the money, and the kids are all at school.

I think...I think I'd like it better in my classroom if my windows could open, and I could hear the rain and the birds outside.


  1. Hi Mary Kathryn!

    I realized we have the exact same school hours! I feel the same way...I like what I do and can't think of anything else I'd rather do, and yet I too would rather be at home. :) I guess that's just part of the fall/curse. I have been finding it helpful lately to think of positives rather than negatives. Our boss is even making us list 3 positives every few weeks and email them to her. It's been fun to read over what's happening in people's classes.


  2. Is that Beowulf peeking from behind your teacup? Ahh, my absolute favorite high school English book. Couldn't bring myself to see the movie ... Angelina Jolie makes me break out in hives.

    If I had a chance to do my life over, I'd be a high school English teacher. Sometimes, even at 41, I want to go back and finish my degree and find a classroom. You may drag your feet to work some days, but I'm green with jealousy over what you get to do. Lucky, lucky woman.

  3. It's so nice to see a picture of you though!


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