Friday, September 12, 2008

Walking through Wal-Mart

this evening, I felt a little overwhelmed and over-socialized. TOO MANY PEOPLE. TOO MUCH STUFF.

I had a great longing to live in the country somewhere, and shop a couple of times a week at a tiny little village grocery for about a dozen items.


I am just NOT a city girl. Anybody else ever feel this way?


  1. MK,
    This post reminded you ever go up to the Amish store? We go sometimes when we're visiting and love it. Can't exactly buy a week's groceries, but it's fun! : )

  2. I feel that way every now and then but, I'll have to be your City Mouse Cousin and you can be my Country Mouse Cousin... :)

  3. Amen! I am in Paris right now! I love it for the weekend but am always sooooo glad to get back to my garden and quiet!

  4. ALL THE TIME!!! that's why i love pride and prejudice and notting hill!


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