Monday, September 29, 2008

reply to Ellen

Hey Ellen -

Yes, hubby DID make that cake himself! It was a mix, and store-bought icing, but he did make it. I think a cake in round layers is so much prettier than a 9x13 pan. We hardly ever bake cakes from scratch anymore. I have a Mississippi Mud Cake that I make from scratch a few times each year, because the kids love it. Otherwise, it's mixes for us.

I looked for you on Facebook, using the address you gave, but I couldn't find you. I think it only took me to my own home page. Sorry! I don't really know how to find people there, except the folks they recommend based on where I went to school, etc. Not a great way of finding folks, IMO.


  1. Hiiiii! I'll try to find YOU on facebook then:)

  2. Do you have a picture posted at facebook. I saw a bunch of people with your name.. there were a couple without pictures.. so I wasn't sure which one was you:)

  3. Marie -I do have a picture on my profile. I'm sitting back on a red couch. I think I'm wearing a white shirt. I'm rather surprised there would be another MK Christiansen!


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