Monday, September 15, 2008

For a painfully chocolate day...

You know. The day when you must have a healthy (?) dose of chocolate, or your life will fall apart. Here's a recipe for you:

[I must begin by saying I haven't made, or seen the recipe for, this dessert in a least 10 years. So I'm going on memory here. But they were happy memories :)]

Belz Bash

In a 9x13 oblong dish, cover the bottom with oreo cookies. Then cut a half-gallon of cookies and cream ice cream (or the flavor of you choice) into 1/2-1 inch slabs and lay on top of the oreos. Press in so that the ice cream fills in the gaps.

Spread cool whip on top of the ice cream, and then generously drizzle Hersey's chocolate syrup on top of this.

Go through all those steps again: oreos, ice cream, cool whip, syrup.

Freeze solid, preferably overnight, although it will be painful to delay the gratification that long.

Cut in bars (as the Midwesterners say), and enjoy.

And NO, I am not becoming a recipe blog. I just like food. Can you tell?


  1. mmm...mmmmm are you sure you aren't turning into a recipe blog? I sure would like it.. :)

  2. I need chocolate so badly yesterday that I was eating Nutella out of the jar!


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