Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A window friend

This little guy startled Julia yesterday when he smacked into her bedroom window. He then sat down as you see him, on the ledge, and proceeded to stare at us, ruffle his feathers, and fall asleep. We were worried about him, walked outside to look, and he flew away. Whew! Julia was afraid that Annie, the neighbor's cat, would get him.

Julia has a very particular love of birds, and always has. So this little friend was a lovely experience for her.


  1. How precious! I love birds too - and we have a family of cardinals in our back yard that come around every year. :) It's fun to watch them -and their babies - so maybe we get new babies this next spring!

  2. Oops-I forgot to say what a great picture!

  3. Seeeeeeee! I miss the South! I haven't seen a cardinal in years!

  4. why do so many people name their evil cats "annie"? grrr!


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