Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby by Mail

I must tell about a crazy dream I had the other night. It involved an old friend of mine, Jeannette, and her baby, Ellis. Actually, Ellis is now 3 years old, but in my dream, he was about a month old, again. Oh well. J - I don't know why I didn't dream about Marlow, but for some reason my brain said, "It's Ellis."

Anyway, Jeannette sent Ellis to me in the mail. In a brown cardboard box. I don't remember the actual 'delivery,' but I do recall in my dream thinking this was rather odd, and mentioning it to my husband. We both thought it was strange. But since the USPS did deliver, we just shrugged our shoulders and moved on. Apparently, Jeannette sent her baby to me so I would take care of him for awhile, since mothering was becoming a little overwhelming for her (with 2 little ones, it has been a bit rough lately for J. Perhaps that was in my sub-conscious?)

So I tended to the baby. I especially remember nursing and nursing the baby; I think I was trying to fatten him up. After awhile, I was supposed to mail him back. That was the most disturbing part, and I remember finding that rather difficult.

That's all I recall :)


  1. haha, that's funny, i got a good visual picture in my head of ellis popping out of box.


    Esp at Nick's visual of E popping out of the box. HAHA!!!!

    Don't worry MK, neither of my babies are in the mail.

    The grandkids will come before you know it.


  3. Oh my goodness! You have me laughing harder than I have laughed in a while! Thanks for sharing - I needed that!


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