Friday, September 5, 2008

The ups and downs,

of being a teacher:

Up? I went to the local post office today to apply for my new passport!!! Woohoo! In January, I will be going to England with 10 students from school, as the official chaperone. What a lovely lark! We're well into the planning stage, have reserved our airline tickets. I'm so excited (finally). I don't like leaving home, really, but this is what I get to do during our Winterim, 2-week intensive school session. And a new passport - that's a fun thing to have. And I must say that my new passport picture is an improvement over my 1985 version...

Down? Adam told me this afternoon that his group of sixth graders this year had NEVER heard of Samson. You know, Samson in the Bible? Samson and Delila? And this is at a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. Not a single student in the class. This is indicative of the trend in churches these days not to teach the Bible to children, but to do fun activities, and trendy cultural studies. And it shows the trend of "Christian" families not to take their children to Sunday school, not to read the Bible at home.

Up? Cross Country Practice today. Adam's runners are getting faster and faster, and cutting loads of time off their runs. He's excited about that.

We're off to the grocery, our nearby slightly-upscale WalMart. I'd rather shop like they do in Europe or Japan, at little local stores and markets. But Wally's sure is cheap. Cheap and exhausting.

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  1. Never heard of Samson? Oh my!!
    That sounds so incredible to me!!
    You know, it also makes me so sad to think that so many of today's children won't have the love of the old hymns that I do.....because they hardly ever HEAR THEM!!!!!!!!
    Calming myself down and going out to gather up the potted plants, chairs, etc. into the screen porch...Hannah's coming tonight!!


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