Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On this first cool day,

I took a walk in the backyard.

This is the last apple on our tree. Will the bent boughs straighten themselves again before next year?

I did finally buy my yearly pumpkin for the front porch. Unfortunately, it lacks a stem, but it does have a nice shape. I'm rather picky.

The first leaves are falling on the patio by the house.

And, again, when we put up the pool, we put down this patio area in its place. It looks nice, but we haven't sat here yet because it's been too hot and buggy.

I'm not a begonia lover, but this little beauty has kept celebrating life. What a lovely greeter on our patio!

Is there anything more weary than an old tomato plant? But it still insists on producing.

And I think there may be a few beauties left out there still.


  1. That apple begs to be chomped into!

  2. I can only buy pieces of pumpkin here for soup! That is such a beaut!


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