Saturday, September 27, 2008

All in a Saturday

Let me start with some GREAT deals I found. First, I got the end-of-summer shoe sale at WalMart. I don't like most of their shoes, but they do carry Dr. Scholl's. I found 2 pair, for only $5 each! I'm putting them in my closet, brand new, and I'll wear them next spring, when everybody else is buying $25 sandals.

More WalMart finds - These tanks were on a close-out for $1 each. The green is my favorite.

Reality hits. In the form of LAUNDRY. Argh. A weekly occurrence. Thankfully, ALL my children do their own laundry, so my laundry load is greatly reduced. But...because I do have 4 kids in the laundry room regularly, it's a frightful mess.

Today's also my designated day for swapping out my summer clothes for my winter ones. Time to open up the old trunk. This old trunk was left in a house in Virginia that we lived in when I was a little girl. I've had it ever since.

Can you say, "Sweet Hubby"? I expressed a desire for chocolate cake the other day. Voila! Chocolate cake appears. Yum. A freshly-made, very-moist, all-for-me cake. Well, I don't think I'll actually eat it ALL myself. But I did start with a big slab.


  1. OUR washing machine died Thurs.... $800 to repair! So... a new washing machine is in order - and my kiddos are starting to put their own laundry away! Not bad - considering they are 7 & 8 years old!
    Love the shoes! Very smart MK!
    We had cupcakes again from that Cupcakery

  2. MK, did your hubby MAKE that cake!? Man, he's a keeper!!

    Love, love, love the sandals!!!


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