Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back into the Fray

Well, I'd hardly call my classroom a "fray," but I was certainly back into it today! And after an 11 1/2 day spring break, it did feel a bit strange to be slinging around Shakespeare and dicing up Wordsworth.

For those of you following Adam's job search, he has had a little interest expressed from a church in the Midwest, which is encouraging. It is very likely that we will be moving this summer, since it's a slim chance that he'll find work here in our town, and much more likely that he'll find work elsewhere. And if he finds no work at all, we will need to sell and move regardless.

This is a daunting prospect, and sometimes a depressing one. We're not wild about our town, but it's been a good home and we had wanted to stay here. Still, when one is in the ministry, one must be willing to go anywhere that God sends; this often translates into moving around the country every few years, which seems to be our pattern. The upheaval has the effect of disappointing the children while unifying the family. We don't feel well-rooted anywhere, but we've seen and lived in some amazing places. However, I'd not be surprised if our children opt for the "well-rooted" lifestyle themselves, when they're adults.

The biggest challenge, after finding a job, is selling our house in this lousy housing market. That is a big prayer concern. We do covet your prayers, I think a form of covetousness allowed by the Lord. And if you know of any churches near you that need a pastor, feel free to leave a message or email me and let me know!


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