Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Man Winter Won't Let Go!

I have the heat on again - and I thought I was done with that! It's windy and cold outside, but at least we haven't had snow, as they did in the mountains just west of here (and I hear they had snow in Atlanta too!) Despite this, Anna has been sunbathing with determination (and gooseflesh) for the past weeks - at least when it wasn't raining.

I'll have to cover that bleeding heart tonight. I had 2 bleeding heart plants last year. We went out of town for 24 hours, and when we returned, the other plant was dead from heat. So strange. It did return this year, just a little sprout. Perhaps it will eventually recover.

1 1/2 days until my lovely, long, luxurious Spring Break. I'll get 11 1/2 consecutive days, including the weekends. I'm thrilled!

More later. Not much news right now. Adam's job hunt progresses, but no solid leads yet.

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