Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girl Time

These are some very fun chicks! We all went for an overnight ladies' retreat, just us chickens from our church. Big retreats can be beneficial, but small gatherings like this are more personable, and MUCH less expensive.

Our retreat was (as always) at Bonclarken, and we stayed at Carroll Cottage. It's a relaxing place.

I've posted many beautiful shots of Bonclarken before, and won't repeat them here. However, I think I finally found my FAVORITE house on the conference grounds! I don't know who lives here, but I sure would love to wake up to the sound of a rippling creek under my bed in the morning! Or eat breakfast to its cheery voice! Isn't it lovely? There are many large, new, impressive homes, there, but I personally prefer a little, old cabin like this.

Here's the latest building at Bonclarken. It's very nice. And Jean and Cheryl are lookin' good too!

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