Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Great Car Shuffle

Among many other fascinating decisions being made in our lives right now (most of them not made by us, of course...), we have decided to sell one of our vehicles.

Since we have 4, this should not be a problem.

Yesterday, I read with a twinge of envy a friend's blog -- she said that she'd stayed home because her husband had the car. THE car.

We do have four. Two of them run. The Jaguar has never run since it's been in our possession, unless you count the 2 seconds it coughed, and then burped a little explosion, before it decided to be dead again.

We're "retrenching," as the British say. I LOVE that word from reading Jane Austen! First step: get rid of debt, and that means selling our 3 year old Grand Caravan. 3 years, 47,000 miles. Who needs other cars that run?

But the other vehicles are paid for, and that is their chief attraction. It's a trait that makes any car beautiful. So, Adam bought a new battery this morning, and cranked up the '88 Volvo. He has now slipped it comfortably into the double carport, so it and the Jaguar can snooze together. His goal is to have them both drivable by the end of Spring Break.

And hopefully the van will sell. And then the 1991 (I think) truck, to which Adam has an inordinate emotional attachment, since it belonged to his daddy. Sweet, but no reason to keep a huge hunk of grey metal in the yard, even if it does carry things around.

So -- anybody in the market for a van?

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