Thursday, April 16, 2009

One man's trash:

My treasures for the day! I went to my favorite "junk" store. They have hundreds of books. I was looking specifically for teaching books, but I love children's books also. Here's what I found:
Most people don't want to wade through all the National Geographics. But they had them with the spines out, easy to read. The spine titles in red indicated volumes with maps inside - I love maps! So I bought a few in areas that interest me: Ancient Greeks, Minoans, Phoenicians, Mayans, and others. Great maps.

Among the children's books, Julie, Miss Nelson, Jan Brett (for 25 cents!) Shiloh, and an adorable little B. Potter.

And for the adult within? A Rex Stout, 2 history texts by Speilvogel, a trusty old Strunk and White, a bit of Tennyson, a great American literature textbook, and Joshua Slocum's unsurpassed book about sailing around the world.

And, yes, I would rather sit and look through dusty books than get my nails done, ANY day!

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  1. love those great thrift store finds - and i'm with you on the books vs. nails argument, too :)


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