Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Volvo

Adam has done a pile of work on our 1988 Volvo lately. Our goal is to get it to be a smooth-running family car again, albeit rather old. Right now, he's trying to remove brake calipers, the bolts for which have rusted on nicely in 20 years.

And Audrey has been getting some attention as well. Adam has completed his total repair of her wiring harness. She will be our traveling car. The only trouble is, that neither of these cars has working A/C, and it's expensive to fix. Driving this summer could be sweaty! Our plan is to sell the nice van we've been driving -- eliminating debt.

For the past several days, our neighbors' gorgeous tree has been losing its blossoms, and laid a pink carpet near our bird bath.

Peter and Julia still occasionally play outside together. Peter's rope swing broke, but he can still get a handle on it. They invented a game called "Monkey and Hunter." I don't understand it all, but they really like it.

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