Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time to relax...

Spring Break has begun.

My parents, dear folks that they are, drove over here again for Julia's "Grandparents' Day" at school. There is a special program, and we go out to eat afterward -- to Cracker Barrel. This is our 3rd year to do this, and it has become rather a tradition. It is pretty special to the little girl.

The kids are unwinding, watching a DVD of "All Creatures Great and Small." Tonight we'll all jumble up together in the den with popcorn, malts and blankets, and watch a couple of episodes of Nero Wolf.

All this spring, we've been hashing through various thoughts about school, work, church, what to do, where to go, what our plans are. It's been tumultuous, confusing, difficult, discouraging. But things are clarifying for us. It's taken more discussion that Adam and I usually need to have on any topic; normally we are so in agreement that very little talking is needed. It's not really that we've disagreed. It's just that this issue is so large and has so many nuances and angles to it. It's taken quite a while for both of us to filter out the non-essentials and grasp the important issues.

I've received some invaluable advice and help from others, and I want to thank them - you know who you are!

All that to say, I believe we are about to sail into a new part of our lives - to round a corner. Of course, it is all up to the Lord, if He wants to provide the ministry Adam desires, if He directs us in the paths we hope. We are simply willing.

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