Sunday, April 26, 2009

Folk Art Center

On the way home from our ladies' retreat, we stopped at the Folk Art Center just outside of Asheville.

A lady downstairs near the entrance was combining various colors of yard on this little contraption, before she did her knitting and crocheting. She made beautiful things, and I am all enthused and inspired to begin crocheting again. But how can I do it without that fabulous book I borrowed last time? (Mental note to ask Hunter for her book again... Did you hear that mental note, Hunter?) This lady made "wrist warmers," which are basically gloves that go a little farther up the arm, and leave the last inch of the fingertips showing. Loved them!

I should say that I DID see the "no photographs please" sign on the door of the center -- after I left! I also saw notices in the gift shop and in the upstairs exhibits. But I wasn't about to delete my photos of these other spots! Here is a gorgeous spinning wheel.

And here is a beautiful loom. I wish so badly that I knew how to work one of these. What fun, to make your own fabric!

Another lady near the front door was doing relief block printing, very fine work.

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  1. I thought I was being buzzed! Of course, you can use any book I have. I can't remember which one you used... The wrist warmer looks lovely and warm! Clever you!


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